Import many objects from one scene to another?


I currently have a problem. I don’t know if there is the possibility to import many mesh objects from a scene to another (without having to import each one individually). Of course I could create a new scene and link the objects by the creation of the scene with “add scene”=>“link objects”. But I would like to import a few objects from a more complex scene into another scene where alread a lot of other stuff exist. Is there a way to do that, and if yes, how?

Thanks a lot!


open a blank blender thing, import the objects you want, save the file, open the file you are working on, go to that certain scene, and append the objects there… that help?
How do you do it individually though?

Select the objects to link, press Ctrl-L, then “To Scene” and select the scene to link to.

yes, thanks ray_theway, that’s exactly what I was searching for!

this linking stuff isn’t yet 100% clear to me yet, but I feel that it will be soon :slight_smile:


be warned that what you do to the object in one scene effects the same object in the other scene, you would need to copy the object in the second scene if you want them to be seperate.

well i think thats how it works


Oh, I just found a way to make each object unique to each scene. Do the CTRL-L --> To Scene and then select the object and go to the constraint buttons and click the blue number next to the object name. This should make the object local to the current scene (so if you link an object to three scenes, go to two of them and do this). However, the object data should still be linked, so if you change one object in scene 1, it will change the object in scene 2 (unless you make the object data single user too).