Import/Material linking Workflow

We are using Sketchup in our Company to model mechanical structures, that we then export as .obj files and import into Blender in order to render, animate, etc…
We have to deal with a lot of structures (hundreds) that we sometimes have to update.
The workflow is quite painful today and we have to do a lot of repetitive actions.
One of the main activity when importing the models as Obj files is to link to an external material library which stores all the materials we need to use for our models, so that we can deal with only one file when we want to modify a material (or jump from one render engine to another…).
All the materials imported from Sketchup have a defined name (e.g. Yellow_paint, the same for all models) and the work is just to replace the default imported Blender material (named “Yellow_paint”) by the linked material named with the same name from the external linked library.
I am pretty sure this can be done with a couple of lines of Python codes (link all the material from a library - replace all materials in the model by their equivalent from the library), but I do not have the competences nor time to do it myself.
Is there anyone here who can help us?
Thanks for your help!