import .max?

Can blender import .max files?

No, .max is a closed, propietary format owned by Autodesk and no progam, other than those created by Autodesk, can utilise .max files.

Is there a way to get around it, as 3DSMax 9.0 won’t let me export a .3ds file over 64k polys.

Just export as OBJ.


yeah, I’m trying to do that, but the problem is I’m exporting to use in Vue6 and for some reason it’s refusing to import any .obj files that have gone through ZBrush. I can’t figure out why, so my pipeline at this point is Blender or 3DSMax to model, export to .obj, detail in ZBrush, which can only export as .obj, reopen in Blender or 3DSMax, and re-export in ?. I can’t find any other compatible formats other than .obj and .3ds.

You can export from Max to Blender via .FBX, but not the other way around…