Import MHX scenes (MakeHuman Import) version?


What version of the importer for MakeHuman comes with Blender 2.68a SVN version 60427?

I recently loaded it on my laptop (Linux Mint 14) and noted it has “issues” when importing MakeHuman Alpha 7 models.

Thoughts anybody?

The wrong version, apparently. I’m having the same issues.

yeah, well, this is causing a rather disjointed work flow for me. I end up creating MH models using Alpha 7 on my WinBloze box and importing them into Blender there, packing the textures and saving off a intermediary blend file.

Since the majority of the modeling I do is “on the road” I can then use my Linux laptop to do whatever tweaks I need to (texturing, hair, etc) and then add them to the scene I’m working on.

I’ve also noticed adding hair causes issues when I go to pose the character which means I do that early on rather than after I do the rest of the work. Issues in this case is Blender starts using 105% CPU and becomes unresponsive. grr.

I’m hoping somebody who has figured it out will post here, so we’ll both get an answer.