Import model


I would like to use this model (…cfm/ID/297104) but I cant import it in Blender. Can someone help me? I think Blender doesn’t support .max?


Nope, never had it, never will.

You must provide or acquire a version of the model in the correct format. If you have max, open the file and export it as an OBJ file.

Just like Max can not open a BLEND file. Maya can not open a BLEND file. XSI can not open a BLEND file.

ah, too bad. I don’t have Max. Now I can’t use this model:eek:

Hahaha lol funny

Can someone convert it to .obj for me, please?

Can someone please convert it for me? I need the model, and I cannot use it now:-(

Thank you very much!

I assume its this model since I get an error with your original link.
Converted file flagpost_lamp.blend (includes texture variations)

Thank you very, very much!!!:evilgrin::evilgrin: