Import models by opening from OS file manager

Blender doesn’t support drag&drop importing yet (and no python API for drag/drop either), but it seems there is no existing solution even for opening model files (.obj, .dxf, .dae, etc.) via associating the extension(s) with the Blender application. Or, if there is, my and moth3r’s googling skills are lacking xD
Anyway, we decided to make a simple addon which makes such usage of Blender possible. If it is enabled by default (i.e. saved in user preferences), then on launching a file with Blender it will try to use the first importer matching the file extension (model will be imported using default options). This makes Blender usable as a sort-of model viewer, for example.

It’s really sad to read what happened to this patch idea. Ton again blocked something good for the user with bad reasons. It’s true that .blend files are opened without any options or warning when d&d and he blocks the import functions for this exact reason! :smiley: Looks like Ton doesn’t even know how his program works anymore :frowning:
Anyway, thank you for partly giving us this possibility.

I’m having a problem and I spent at least one and a half hours trying to fix it myself because I pretty much never get help when I ask for it. I’m doing it now because the problem stops after a random number of retries, making my methods to find the source unreliable.

First, this just doesn’t work at all with the Selection-Restrictor addon, as in it’s completely ignored and doesn’t do anything (it works with the old/original version)

Second, when that addon isn’t nullifying it, the addon just fails after importing/loading a file, as in it just crashes Blender. The command prompt leaves “error exception_access_violation” after apparently successful import information

I tried removing or disabling all my other addons which I thought worked, then I started adding them back to see which one is causing a crash-conflict but it turned out that it does it with or without other addons, and opening the same file several times in a row will cause it to fail or succeed randomly each load.

Well, actually it crashes constantly with another addon but since it also crashes randomly without any of my other addons, I can’t reliably disable them to see which.

Hi, sorry, I haven’t checked this thread for quite some time. The Selection-Restrictor addon actually has a bug in it which interferes with scripts that use scene_update_post handlers (I filed a bug-report just now).

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce your issue (the test files I have always import without crashes). Which version of Blender do you use? (I tested in Blender 2.78) What addon makes it reliably crash?