Import models from 3dCAD?

Hi to everybody, my name is Leonello, I’n new on this forum and I’m new also like blender user. I would like to know if it is possible to import in blender any models realized using CAD 3D like ProEngineer. The 3D models that are texturised by blender have to be realised in blender environment or can be imported like files .step, or .stl, or other ones, too?
Thank you very much for your patience and attention.

Welcome to BlenderArtists,

There is a python script for importing .stl files, you can find it here:
There are lots of other import scripts listed in the wiki here:

Thank you very much!

Welcome from me too. I got beat by someone else on your answer, but hope my welcome covers it!

Can you please tell me. The best import format from ProE which gives good surface quality.