Import multiple OBJ files for Blender 2.8x

Port Import multiple OBJ files for Blender 2.8x


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Mirror 2: Google Drive

Import multiple FBX files for Blender 2.8x


Works like a charm! Thank you for sharing))
PS: this one definitely must be added to blender by default:)))

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Wow, brilliant. How is this not a default Blender option by now? Thanks - it works like a charm.

How can we run this py file?

Install the .py like addon, then enable it, then you can see Import Multiple OBJ option from File. Very cool IO.

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It saved me a lot of time! Thank you so much!

Dude your code just saved me lol I imported 500 obj together lol XD took 10 mins but perfect :smiley:

Well done. It was missing cruelly:)

Thanks a lot. I took me a while to find this answer + your addon… really great. As said above this should be by default

Thank you so much for this awesome tool! Saved me a ton of time. :smiley:

Hey @Mephist0 , thanks for the addon, quite useful!
I just wanted to ask is it possible to implement importing multiple obj files that are in seperate folders?
I’ve a case that all the obj files are in their individual folders and sharing a global textures folder (Seems like it’s currently not possible to import multiple objs in such case).


Amazing, thanks.