Import multiple OBJ files for Blender 2.8x

Port Import multiple OBJ files for Blender 2.8x


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Import multiple FBX files for Blender 2.8x


Works like a charm! Thank you for sharing))
PS: this one definitely must be added to blender by default:)))



Wow, brilliant. How is this not a default Blender option by now? Thanks - it works like a charm.

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How can we run this py file?

Install the .py like addon, then enable it, then you can see Import Multiple OBJ option from File. Very cool IO.

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It saved me a lot of time! Thank you so much!

Dude your code just saved me lol I imported 500 obj together lol XD took 10 mins but perfect :smiley:

Well done. It was missing cruelly:)

Thanks a lot. I took me a while to find this answer + your addon… really great. As said above this should be by default

Thank you so much for this awesome tool! Saved me a ton of time. :smiley:

Hey @Mephist0 , thanks for the addon, quite useful!
I just wanted to ask is it possible to implement importing multiple obj files that are in seperate folders?
I’ve a case that all the obj files are in their individual folders and sharing a global textures folder (Seems like it’s currently not possible to import multiple objs in such case).


Amazing, thanks.

Is it possible to make this addon works with Blender 2.9x? Thanks!

Hi guys!

just to let you know, I updated the original add-on for the latest blender versions (Blender 2.8+ and 2.92+) a while ago in my post here:

How to batch import Wavefront OBJ files?

@Mephist0 The version you built on top of, has been updated as well. Please feel free to contribute here: If you’d prefer a repository to contribute, just let me know.



I attempted to use the add-on with Blender 2.92 and received an error message.

Based on the error message I did a little Googling and learned that there was a Blender Load a Wavefront OBJ File API change at some point.

To get this add-on to work change line 198 from:

global_clight_size = self.clamp_size_setting)


global_clamp_size = self.clamp_size_setting)

I do not code, script or really understand how to use GitHub so was not going to begin to tinker with the add-on there. Hopefully someone with more skills can update the add-on there for everyone else who might be using it with Blender 2.92.

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Thank you!! :smiley:

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Hi @dcbCreative,

thanks! Seems not to be documented, updated the add-on for Blender 2.92.



@poor many thanks for update!

Please note that there is a small mistake in the script respect to version 2.8x:

filter_glob = StringProperty(default="*.obj", options={‘HIDDEN’}, )

should be:

filter_glob: StringProperty(default="*.obj", options={‘HIDDEN’}, )

(replace the symbol " = " with " : ")

In this way, the browser will show only the *.obj file and NOT the *.mtl ones.

Finally, it would be be very useful to get a link to download this add-on.
Thanks again!


Hi @Cispica,

thanks. Not a “mistake” at all, since the default obj importer lists the mtl files well. However, we can discuss about that of course… but I personally don’t think this is the right place to talk about technical details like that. Created a gist for the 2.8 version: Feel free to contribute, makes it easy to download as well.

If you’re interessted: the “= symbol” is called assignment operator and as far as I can remember: annotations (the other symbol) were not fully implemented for derived classes at that time of 2.80 so I guess your change wouldn’t work for versions pre Blender 2.82.