Import OBJ/MTL and Cycle Render: material and textures appear only in Blender Render

Hello :slight_smile:

I use Blender since a few weeks and I am meeting some issues with obj/mtl importing.

I created some object with specific textures and material rendering in Cycle, export them to a .obj file format.
Yet when I import them back, they do not have any texture in Cycle but in Blender Render, that is a little bit annoying … :frowning:

I read in some thread that there is an add-on that exists, but I cannot find it :frowning:

Can you help me ? It would be very very very helpfull ! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance !


I find the solution of my own question ^^

So this is not possible to export with cycle material.

Yet, as it is for designing my own library to use within blender (and not to export to another soft), I can click the File > Append, or File > Link, with the difference explained here: