import of .3ds files in 2.46

Hi all , I am trying to import .3ds files into Blender 2.46 and I keep getting a python script error ( python script error check console )

Q where is the console in blender
Q How do I fix the importing of the files

From the Internet I should change the python script , but when I open

I can see the script I should change

Line 205 ?? but there are no line nubers so I am only guessing

Can some kind soul put us on the right direction



If you are on a windows, when you open blender, you will get a window with a black background (usually, it may change on diff computers, I dunno) and something like “Compiled with Python 2.5, Checking for installed python… (followed by different prompts depending on if you installed python)”. This is the console. On a mac, you need to open the console app, located in the utilities folder of your main applications folder. The error should be present there. If you use Linux, I don’t have a clue. I can’t help you with the error though, I’ve used the import script only a couple of times.

Hi there

I ved in Sydenham in Chch for many a year , near countdown …Thanks for the response …Yes I am using Linux ubuntu ,

I have a terminal , but it doesnt do anything when I run blender …I wonder if there is an older deb file floating about

Merry Xmas