Import of entire .blend file

I’ve created two quite extensive models compiled of around 400+ individual curves each and I wish to compile the two .blends together to create a single .blend file with both models in each. I know that Shift+F1 works to import single objects, but I can never seem to get it to import curves of any sort. Also I would like to bulk import them (e.g. import entire .blend information / merge blend files) because 'Shift+F1’ing 400 bezier curves would prove to be quite a feat in and of itself. Any help would be appreciated!

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File append,
append Scene. (that contains the models you wish to merge.)
now you will have two scenes in the one .blend.
from there,
Object, Make links, To Scene,
Makes a copy of the objects in your scene & places them in your chosen scene.
If all went well,
delete the appended scene.

Absolutely Useful!

Thank you, you’ve solved my notorious haunting issue.

Thanks Meta-Androcto!!!

How would one use a script to access a scene in the same ?
Or maybe a way to use 2 or more blend files simultaneously with g/e?
Has anyone done this?