Import of STL files shows blank screen

When I import certain STL files, made from DICOM files, it shows nothing on the screen. Here’s what it looks like. By the way, I’m a noob at this.


it shows nothing on the screen.
Yes it does.

In the outliner window (top right) you have an object named 1 with a mesh
In the 3d view you see an orange dot which is the origin of the currently selected object
At the very top of the blender window you see the number or vertices in the scene (133 thousand) and you have just 1 object

The object may be very very small in your scene (zoom in)
Or the object may be very very large in your scene (zoom out)
Also in the properties panel (N) you can set the view clip start/end distances.

If you hit keyboard N while mouse cursor is in 3dview you’ll see panel popping up. Look where it says Dimensions (while your imported Oblect 1 is still selected (highlighted in Outliner window). What you’ll see is some thousand values most likely and your object is taking all the nearest Galaxy.
Above Dimensions are Scale values - write 0.001 in each x,y,z and see if your object fits in grid space. Repeat while you get it there, then hit Ctrl-A, Scale.