import or print Joystick Axis position?

hello, it’s been a while since I’ve come here.

I need blender to get the position of the joystick axises, and display it’s current position in X,Y values.

So that I would then use these values in properties and sensors to trigger actuators.

let’s say tilting the joystick axis to the ‘right’, that would translate to X= 1.0, Y= 0.0
furthermore, halfway tilting it ‘up’ and three fourths to the ‘left’ would be (Y= 0.5, X= -0.75)

And these values would be used to initiate actuators.

how would I set something like that up?


Thanks to your links I found this page here.

This is exactly what I need to do. It’s a perfect example.

Now how do I setup the code for this (I keep getting error messages about undefined name, and invalid syntax)

Here is an example file from this tutorial.


AnalogValue.blend (128 KB)

Wow this is it!!!

Thank you so much HG1, now I just need to get the script output those values, into properties.

I have 4 properties ready to display integers (-X, X,and -Y,Y)
I think I have the logic bricks right


But what should I do to make those properties get that info.

In your first post you write you want a value from X= 1.0, Y= 0.0 and in your last post you write you want integers (-X, X,and -Y,Y). So I don’t know what you realy want. So I made a script with alle of them.


AnalogValue2.blend (133 KB)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I apologize for being confusing earlier, it was due to my lack of understanding. All I knew was what needed to happen, but I was unsure how to describe it.

But thanks to your example; not only can I use this method, but you have provided me with better understanding how to work GE.

I can’t thank you enough. (and sorry again for any confusion, I’ll try to research a topic a bit more so I can know what I’m asking)

Thanks again HG1