Import path from XYZ data in file?

Hello all,
Note I’m new to blender.

In the course of my work I have gathered a set of observations which involve position data stored in a text file as xyz values in a comma delimited file (could separate each axis into its own file if needed). Basically, I want to make an object, lets say a sphere, follow along the path specified by my text file.

Originally I had thought thought I might be able to simply import that points into the x,y,z location f-curves in the animation window for my object. This has proven to not be possible as far as I can tell?

So my next thought was perhaps there is some utility that will generate a path that I could use to constrain an object to follow the path?

Essentially, I am wondering is there a script or some such functionality in 2.53 that would allow me to either import my position data and apply it to an fcurve, or import a 3d path from my XYZ data?

Much thanks