Import paths from Illustrator

I tried to import a path from an Illustrator file into Blender and got this message:

“Illustrator 10.0 compatible file but nothing to do?”

I also tried saving it as an EPS and then import, but got a Python script error.

Any ideas?

I usually export from illustrator as svg and then use the svg import. Less trouble than trying to figure what isn’t working.

Most programs are happier if you save as Illustrator 8 or lower before importing.


Alright, I’ll have to try those. I’ll get back to you if they work.


SVG is the only file format that presently works. Up to version 2.45

It actually works quite well.

I compared exporting AI files to Max, Maya, and Blender. Blender was the only program that actually did it correctly. With Max and Maya there was still sub face normal issues that required touch up. Max is notorriously bad at working with AI files. Maya is a little better.

Simply import the SVG, extrude to the depth you need, then convert it to a mesh. I always convert to mesh after I have my logo looking the way I want it because then I can deform it along a path and edit it as a mesh. Something you can’t do with a curve.

well, i did importes an artwork by using svg - BUT extrude function doesnt work on path, and after changing to mesh - mesh ist triangled! i’m new with blender - earlier worked a little with cinema 4d.
i got to do a logo that would be totally black and also reflect light as metallic forms or like a glass.
i tried to do something like that: imported logo (svg - as a path) copied a logo to another path and then converted it to a mesh then extruded - extrusion result i’ve copied to the “motherlayer” and grouped with path (faced). mesh and path is setup to smooth. there are lot of artifact even if i removed double vertexes. maybe a little help? the time is running, i cant find any other way to do this.
thx in advance!

i forgot to mention that svg was exported from Ai CS2 with lowest settings as possibile.
tomorrow i’ll try use the highest - cuz AiCS2 i do have at work. - i’ll post the results.

Mesh will be triangle because it starts as a curve instead of as a mesh that is made in quads - even this is true of internal font conversion and curves generated inside blender, not just svg or ai imported.
Mostly the triangles don’t cause problems until you try to use subsurf on the mesh - and beveling is something that should be done before converting to mesh sometimes, depending on the output desired.

My workflow…

Reset Blender
Import SVG with default settings.
Press F9
Set extrude to 0.01
Click Center New button.
The triangulation may be due to the “DefResoLu” button. This is the default viewport display. This may not be your problem, however. does it look bad both rendered and in the viewport?

It also could be a problem with the original logo itself. The old rule “garbage-in = garbage out” does apply here. Do you have a lot of points in your original illustrator file? The better you define your original logo, the better it is going to look in Blender.

The attached image I created using the above workflow, antialias turned off. the image is scaled up by 10 units as well. You can see the curves are fairly smooth and the corners are nice and straight. the camera is close enough to reveal any bad geometry.

At this point, I would consider converting my curve to a mesh and then maybe applying a subsuf if I wanted it smoother.


because of lack of time i just simply created this damn logo from scratch using svg path as a reference object - i guess it was the best way to achieve the results i wanted. anyway - thx for guidance! i think it will be useful next time! :rolleyes: