Import Points as Metaballs

I have very little blender knowledge so I need a very simple solution. I would like to import a point set (as a .txt or .xyz) and have a metasphere placed at each point. Is this possible? is it a simple script to write? thank you

A simple solution, huh? If you know Python, it could be fun. You’ll need to know how to loop through an array and pass those variables to the function that adds a metaball.
I’d try something like this:

  1. learn the syntax for adding a metasphere using Python in the console
  2. write a python script that reads the text file, gets the location for the first point (store in an array), adds a metaspere in that location, and then repeats till there are no more points left.

Someone may have written this already but you might have to modify it depending on the text file you are using to store the location information.

On IRC freenode, there’s a blender python channel where there’s usually someone who can help you out live while chatting. You’ll have to do a search for “blender” in the channels list at freenode cause I can’t remember the exact channel name.

unfortunately that is already more than i know. i have too little programming knowledge to pick up python in any reasonable amount of time. if anyone else is able to share an existing script that would be spectacular and much appreciated.


I would really like a script tutorial for this myself. Sounds like a cool addon.