import points cloud from kinect

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel. This is my first post in this forum. I am new in blender but I work with cinema 4d.

currently I am developing a project to create meshes and make an animation. I am using kinect with processing, meshlab and cinema 4d. I created a sketch in processing able to export every frame an .obj file with a point cloud that I captured with the kinect before.I open each .obj file in meshlab and make the mesh for every .obj file. than I open the mesh in cinema 4d and make the render. Obviusly this methood is slow and tedious. So , I think it would be better if I use blender to open every .ply file or .obj file from processing-kinect and make the mesh of the animation. But I dont know if blender are able to import a list of .ply files each frame, like the video of moullinex-catalina :

In this video, they export from processng kinect every frame a .txt file with the position of the vertex and with a script in python the open those in cinema and make the animation. Is possible to do that in blender? maybe using not .txt files but maybe .ply or .off files?

sorry fot the extend message but I have thi question and problem.

thanks a lot for your time