Import Posed Makehuman model


I just wanted a quick way to make a statue for my scene …
I created a figure in makehuman - posed it using makehumans controls
Saved it
Exported it to Colida format
imported it into Blender
I get the figure but its lost the pose

Is there any way to import an already posed makehuman model into blender?


Is there any reason you can’t use an obj file? If you have already posed the model, and aren’t interested in re-posing in Blender, then an obj file should work.

Best of Luck!

There is a truly excellent three-part tutorial by Penix1 on importing from MH to Blender on BlenderUnderground

The object needs to be exported from M.H. in the poses mode or the mesh will be exported in the rest position. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. The Collada imports with a skeleton mesh and a simple armature. If you don’t need all them bones; the wavefront.obj just imports teeth toungue eyes and palate.