Import Poser BVH in Blender, some problem.

Hi All
I am facing a problem when I want to import Poser5 BVH
Suppose a walk when I export from Poser as Scale-Automatically and import in Blender, the walk comes in blender but walk-in-place style.
When I export from poser as No-Scale and import in Blender then all bones are jungled up, very very tiny bones, but it changes the location.
Can any one plesae help?

Is there any one with Poser+Blender knowlege. please help?

I think the problem in the BVH creation or may be in importing the BVH?
I was thinking that there may be some problem in Blender Import Script, but I found one program which can view the bvh motion free

In this the Scal-Automatically version it shows as Walk-In-Place
and Non Scale version same tiny and jungled up bones?
In Poser, I created the walk cycle it was not ( walk-in-place). In poser it shows that the character actually walking?

I have posted the same issue in CP forum?
see what happens?