Import Poser figure into blend created with ter2blend

I’ve only been working with blender the past week, so bear with me if this is a really basic question… I want to import a poser figure into a blend I created with ter2blend, but have tried several ways and can’t seem to get the figure in. Currently I’ve got a blend file I created with my poser figure in it, and I’ve tried appending from this file from the object subfolder, but nothing appears to be coming into my landscape. I’ve searched all around the landscape in case I was missing the figure - I’m guessing it will be pretty small, but I can’t find it. Anyone have any hints as to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

Never mind - I found and now my little man is happily floating around in the sky. Now I just have to figure out how to get him in front of the camera…

Link for in case anyone else needs it is

How to move objects (can be rather usefull…)

First, press key B one time. You will now be able to box-select objects (that is, NOT in editmode. In editmode, you will be able to select vertices/surfaces and so on).

Draw a box around the object you want to select. If you happen to select anything you didn´t want to select, just klick it once/twice with the right mouse button.

When the objects you want to move is selected, press G key and move them with mouse/keyboard.

Something I often find usefull when positoning objects is to split the Blender window (rightclick the border and choose Split) were I watch the objects. You can then choose cameraview by pressing zero in the new window. Good Luck!