Import problem....very weird :-|

Hi all, I have a problem, and for the life of me I can’t solve it…or even understand it. I have a .dxf file I have exported from 3DS Max and into Blender; at first it doesn’t look like anything has imported, but when I went to reset the viewport I pressed “Z” by mistake…and my model appeared:eek: . Weird, it looked great, but I am unable to select it or do anything with it.

So, to recap, it imported, but in wire view is invisible and in shaded view looks fine, but can’t select or interact with it in any way.

Any ideas? I’m stumped…:frowning:

DXF and Blender do not work very well together, though it does work.

When you import a DXF file, and can finally see it on the screen, first thing you need to do is save the file as a Blend file. Then, close Blender, reopen and then open the newly created Blend file. Then you should be able to go into edit mode and start playing with it. Now, with that said, have fun with it. Because DXF files are notoriously messy and require a large amount of clean up.


Thanks, but unfortunately that isn’t the problem. I am aware of the difficulties you can run into with .dxf files, so what you suggested was the first thing I tried.

Oh well…Hate when I can’t make something work:mad:

Try accutrans to convert the DXF


export from max as .3ds


try importing into Free Google SketchUP and then export as kmz into blender. but download the latest version of the kmz script for blender from jms as anything before version C will almost certainly not import to scale.

2D DXF import into blender is easy, just run it through accutrans first and you can import some very complex DXF files without issue.