Import question

(flapzucht) #1

How can i import a model designed with a program like 3ds max or cinema 4d into blender?


(Jamesk) #2

Well, you need an import script that is able to read the files in question. Search the Python forum to find something that suits your needs. Remember that 3DSMAX and Cinema4D are capable of outputting other formats except their own, so it might sometimes be wise to export in something else than their own native format.

I don’t recall ever having seen a C4D-script, but there is a 3DS somewhere.

So, search the python forums.

(viktorivar) #3

If you are using Blender 2.23 and 3DS supporting export to OBJ file format, try this script:
It´s a bit slow connection, at least for me.


(Zweistein) #4

export the 3ds max file as a dxf file. Than open Blender klick on “open” and then choose the dxf file.

(viktorivar) #5

flapzucht, if you export in DXF file format from 3DS, you will end up
with huge files and no textures.
However if your models is simpel and without textures its maybe worth trying.
Just remember to remove all duplicated vertices.

If your models contain a lot of polys and textures and if 3DS have a
good Object exporter, well then you are better of with the method I recommended above.
Tips: look for viktorivar

If you have Blender 2.25, then it might be possible to use
3DS:s WRML 2 exportfunction, I have not test that method.