Import question

I’m very new to blender, and I have a question.

Is it possible to create a model a model and import to another model in a another scene.

I modeled a character with head, torso and legs. Now I am modeling a hand in another scene. How do I export the hand, and import it to my character scene??


That is called Appending. Use File Append to add a model or mesh from another Blender scene. Once you have imported a scene, you can link meshes from one scene to another via CTRL-L

You can also link instead of append, in which case if you update it in the original, it will change in all the files. Appending makes the mesh local, while linking just makes a reference to the object. However, note that in order to make the linked object transformable, you need to make it into a proxy object.

Could you please explain the difference between the two types of linking?

Thanks:). Now I have imported a model, but it is in to different scenes. How do I get it to be in just one scene??

Hello! I am having trouble with linking as well…
I have a blender file with muliple objects that make up a character. I have placed all the objects into the same group (they are all green now). In another Blender file, I try to append and/or link, but when I select the group, nothing happens… any deas?

I just experimented a bit and it looks like you can select multiple objects and add to a group all at once - is this correct?


Yes, that is correct. However, it does not just pop up like the other appended/linked objects. You have to go to add -> group -> (group name). Good luck!

Hello, i have a very similar question… im hoping to use a model i downloaded in an animation im working on. is the same procedure as in the Nesrail situation???.

Nope… Just go to File -> Import -> (file type)

And choose the correct file type, and browse for your file

im very sorry for posting two messages … but the problem is solved… i just diddnt realize i had to go to links and materials to find the “appended” mesh i was trying to use =P and assign it to an already existing mesh… im very sorry again, im just too green on Blender… but thank u very much !!! you people are great.

greetings from Mexico pues, Salud !

Hi guys,
really need to import a model from one blender scene into another. why is it not just file>import?!!?! why is the simple stuff always so complicated in blender? so i’ve appended a link, selected the model (actually i want the model, material and everything, but it’ll only let me select the model OR the material!) go to the scene and the model isnt there!
AlejoMan (above) seems to suggest going to links and materials to find the append mesh and assign it to an already existing mesh…but I don’t really understand what that means?!

I REALLY just want to go file>import, that would be soo simple!!

if anyone can talk me through this process it’d be much appreciated, thanks