Import script as stand-alone application...?

I tried posting in the General forum (, but maybe this is a better place for it…?

I would like to use a script (maybe in combination with the game engine ?) to make a stand-alone application which includes a user dialog for selecting and showing 3di files, almost like the Wavefront OBJ importer script, only that instead it should be a stand-alone application, and for 3di files.

Any idea if this would be possible at all…? I’ve had a brief look at Campbel’s Wavefront OBJ importer script, and hopefully I’ll be able to make a similar one for the 3di format after studying Python for a while. The 3di textures are upside-down and contained inside the 3di files themselves, so maybe this will be a problem…? Other than that, the 3di files contain usual stuff like vertex coordinates, normals, faces, uv coordinates, etc.

Thanks in advance for your input… :slight_smile:

Ok, so I take it the stand-alone thingy isn’t possible, then…? Would be nice to get it confirmed, though… Anybody…? Maybe stripping everything not needed away from the Blender source would work, but I presume that would be a very difficult task… :frowning:

you should be able to do it just fine, you could do it a couple of ways,

have a .bat file that tells blender to run your python script on load, have scriptlink that runs on load, etc. or do it via the game engine.


Thx for your reply, LetterRip, but the two first ways wouldn’t be stand-alone, would they? I’ll try to find more information about the game engine, then, but I believe I’ve read somewhere in here that there’s not too much documentation around for it. Any good links to suggest…?

you can package it a number of ways what is a ‘standalone’ - it is really a rather meaningless concept - you can rename blender to whatever you like and replace the startup screen if you so desire, with a bit of effort. Your python script can completely intercept any API calls and you can configure the interface to be completely inaccessible (Ie see what makehuman did.)


Here is a reference for the game kit

or you can order one from the blender store,


Thx again, I’ll enter ‘study mode’ for a while now… :wink:

yah, i’d just make the application be a specifically configured Blender, that launches the script at startup (you can that with a command line option, or with the onLoad scriptlink) and only shows the script ui (perhaps you can do that with commandline options too, or with a right kind of blend). that’s a standalone for you :slight_smile:

Blender is so small as a whole that probably you don’t need to take anything away from it… dunno if there is some big part that could be easily removed if needed.