Import Script Problems

I am trying to use the import script from Anthony D’Agostino and I am not having any luck. I keep getting an error on the import GUI line. I just moved over to linux so I don’t know if I have everything I need to run it properly. If anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it! Also I’d take suggestions on using a different script as welll.



You are probably using 225? This doesn’t have the GUI module, use 2.23 or older instead.

Where can I get a linux version of 2.23? Preferably RPMed. Thanks.


I just answered a similar question in the Q&A forum, no RPMs though, I don’t think that is needed, nothing is installed:

edit: last one was windows, removed

Thanks for the link. I downloaded and ran the program but when I try to run the script it still doesn’t work! Is there a specific place that I have to but Blender? Or are there paths I have to set up for Python to work? THanks again for the help.


GUI module is in 223, or do you get an other import error? You have set pythonpath as explained in the pythonpath 101 thread above?