Import Sequence images in Video Sequence Editor?

I am searching a Python that permits me making a sequence of images in Video Sequence Editor.
Has anybody ever found it? I got mad searcheing for it and I found nothing…
I have some images sequences (img0001.jpg, img0002.jpg…) in a directory and I would like to make that photogram and images concide.

img0001.jpg -> Photogram 1
img0002.jpg ->Photogram 2
img0003.jpg ->Photogram 3

Thanks :expressionless:

not sure if i understand you correctly… if you mean importing an image sequence so that it shows up as a countinous animation, just hit SHIFT+A, Images, goto the directory with the sequence, press A to select all images and hit enter. then move the strip and LMB to place it where you want.

what do you mean with photogram?


I don’t know this command :wink:

Photogram = image x second
1 second = 24 photogram (cinema)


ahh, ok. this is commonly referred to as “frame”. frames per second = fps. 24 fps - cinema.


It is fairly obfuscatory that the same command is used to insert a single-image as is used to insert a whole scene’s worth of .TGA files. For a long time I thought you’d insert a “movie.” But no. If you insert a bunch of frame-files and they are sequentially numbered, Blender correctly treats them as a moving-picture.