Import site failed!!! any help

Hi, this is not a major issue i hope because my program still runs fine, but i’d just like to know what this means:

import site 'failed;use -v for traceback
sys_init :warning-no sitedirs added from site module

any help would be appriciated, thanks

nothing much to worry about… :slight_smile:

Like ztonzy says: nothing much to worry about. This is a standard message we use to frighten newbies.

When Blender starts up, it looks for an installed version of Python, just in case. The "import site failed…’ part of the msg comes from the embedded Python interpreter and means no external Python was found.

The “sys_init: warning…” part is a warning ( not an error ) we print that no additional site directories were added from the site module.

Hey ztonzy, maybe we should make this a sticky thread to save people the trouble of not searching for the other 256 answers to this question.

Or maybe we should have a Missing Sitedirs Warning Message Contest to change the warning text? Here’s my entry:

The following message is only a warning. It is not an error. Do not be alarmed. Blender was unable to find an installed version of Python on this machine. Blender doesn’t mind. However, if you were expecting it to find one, there is something wrong. Otherwise, don’t worry! Have a nice day.

hi stiv,
I can’t make it sticky as I am only a moderator, some of the admins have to do it, but about your messege at bottom of your post, sounds nice, maybe propose it for the other coders or so…

but it sure seems nice not to let newbies worries… :slight_smile: