Import Sketchup to Blender

I am a beginner with Blender and I have tried to import my Sketchup models (exported obj-files) to Blender. So far I have only managed to import smaller files. Usually when I try to import bigger files (over 5MB) Blender gets frozen. I don’t really know what options I should choose when importing obj-file or should I prepare my Sketchup model somehow (delete scenes, explode components…)? Or would it better to export some other file format (3ds, kmz)?
All the tips are welcome!

Do a search here for using collada with sketchup & blender. I think I remember reading a thread that talked about how sketchup uses collada internally as its format or somesuch… not (obviously) too familiar with it, but this may have some bearing on your efforts.

Also, memory limitations may be hindering you - both system and video RAM can affect things on larger models.

Thanks for the tip. I will try that !

try these links:
kml/kmz Import Scripts Version 0.1.7 at BlenderNation

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