Import .stl into Blender 2.64?

Hi there. I recently made a model in 123D Design and I wanted to rig it up so that it could move.
I was able to export it into an stl file just fine. But I’m having a little trouble importing said file into Blender.
When I click File>Import>.stl, and select the file I want, Blender won’t import it. No model appears in the window, and I get this error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/Applications/", line 104, in execute
  tris, pts = stl_utils.read_stl(path)
 File "/Applications/", line 249, in read_stl
  for pt in gen(data):
 File "/Applications/", line 156, in_ascii_read
  for _ in range(3)]
 File "/Applications/", line 156, in<listcomp>
  for _ in range(3)]
ValueError: could not convert string to float: b'normal'
location:<unknown location>:-1

What does this code mean? Is there something wrong with the file? I seem to remember reading somewhere that Blender could import stl…

Can you put up the file so we can see if it happens in our machine?


Something must be wrong with that file. Happens to me too.
But any of these STL’s work fine:

Open it in Meshlab, export (i used .obj format), open in blender. It will be huge so that you won’t be able to see it; select it’s mesh in Outliner and on N-tab divide all Dimension values by 1000, or just s .001
Good example to get used with remesh ;).

I had the same problem trying to open an .stl file. It happens that Blender’s STL loader does not support multiple objects (“solids”, in STL notation) per file. It assumes the file contains only one “solid … endsolid” block, and crashes if it is not so. It would be nice to open a bug report about it, anyone knows where?