Import SVG as blueprint?

Hi there!

I’m starting to work my way into Blender. Having used Moray/POV for some years, I am somewhat used in 3D-/rendering stuff. So I want to build something really simple first: A tiny home (e.g.
Is it possible to use the floor plan that I drew in Inkscape and just “pull up” the walls?

And, since I’m typing: Is it possible to have the actual view in the viewport be rendered as if me was the camera? Maybe even in anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D as fullscreen?

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SVG are imported as curves in blender
but can be a mess with lot’s of useless verts
can always clean up the mess!

so you can convert to mesh then decimate to remove extra verts!

but i think
if it is a simple house should be faster to simply redo it in blender

for house you could learn the addon archiv
which has a lot of pre define things for doors windows ect…

have fun

happy bl

Thanks for your answer. Yes, SVG import seems to be some kind of handycapped. Even very basic shapes are messy in some way.
So, what would be the least tricky way to get some sort of logo/freeform 2D b/w graphics into Blender? Is it possible to trace something like the logo on and then make it „thick“?


you could draw this with grease pencil then convert to mesh

or just use a 2D curve with faces
find some video tut on 2D curves
or blender wiki on how to use curves

happy bl

Thanks again! With some new search words I found some useful tutorials.