Import .svg files in grease pencil


i´m starting with grease pencil and blender and try some things. I imported an .svg file in grease pencil, but here are some black outlines. How can i avoid them?

The imported image looks like this:


Select one of the objects and go to the material panel. The material may have both a stroke and a fill. Uncheck the stroke.

Hi crazychristina,

thanks for your answer. I can´t find stroke and fill. The material seems to be only one of the pathes.

import_svg.blend (925.4 KB)

You appear to have used the Import Scalar Vector Graphics option, which imports only the fills, as paths. I have imported a simple svg file (red polygon with black stroke, created in Inkscape) into blender (file attached) using both that option and the Import svg as grease pencil option. The latter gives strokes and fills, found under Material.

I don’t use svgs much, but if you don’t want grease pencil objects perhaps you could convert all the strokes in the original svg file to fills before importing to Blender.