Import SVG option seems to have disappeared

Hello everyone.

I have had this reoccuring problem for a while and am now at the end of my tether.

I would really like to be able to import SVG but it seems that the majority of import options have disappeared from the Blender interface. For some reason, after a few sessions/saves, the majority of options are gone and I am only left with a few options (see image).

I have tried an uninstall/reinstall, which works, but only temporarily: after a few sessions/saves it goes back to minimal import options. :frowning:

Can anyone tell me why this may be?


That’s odd. You can try changing to a Scripts window, then select Scripts, Import and see if you have more options.

I am still having this problem and it’s really frustrating.

Harveen thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it doesnt work because the scripts windows doesnt display the entire menu options, I just get a blanks rectangle instead of options (see image).

Can anyone help?

install the last running Blender-2.49 Version,
there are the import-scripts for svg (called Path … there)

import the svg (vector-object) into blender-2.49
adjust a bit like you want or save it at once as
a blender-file, maybe call it svg1.blend

now start blender-25x and open this file
or import the curve-object from this “old-version” blender-file
with Shift-F1 (link append object from blender-file)
save this new version, so its a blender-2.5x file now.

edit: if you use a linux version like ubuntu, you can do the
blender-install via synaptic and you get the older Blender-2.49 version
as the default.
If you install the new downloaded blender-25x into your home-directory
you have to start this version and you can run the 2.5x version.