Import SVG

Hi, I would like to extrude a Chinese character. Since I can not manage to write my text directly in Blender, I write my character in Inkscape, convert it to a path and then save it as an svg.

From blender, I import it. What I get is not a the black character I expected, but one filled with holes. Like this:

If then I convert it to a mesh I get holes in my mesh as it can be seen on the previous picture. If I edit the shape, I get:

I would like to know how could I import a svg path and have it filled correctly, otherwise I will not be able to really use it in Blender.



i have the same problme please help

I had the same problem. And I found something that works for me. Import your .svg file and choose “old proofed method”. Then you got curves with holes like yours. In the 3d view, select your curve, in edit mode select “curve” in the header of the panel (near “view” and “select”) and then “segments > switch directions”. Holes usually will disappear.