Import vrml no geometry

hi all,

Hope someone can help.

Having problems importing solidworks files to blender. When i was running version 2.4 (i think) i could import vrml files, exported from solidworks, no problem, into blender. Now it seems that with since version 2.5 no geometry appears on import. There is no error message, just no model geometry.

can anyone help?


Solidworks vrml usually exports in millimeter unless you set a proper scale. Importing in Blender results in a 1m piece being 1000mm, or 1000 blender units.

So the problem is, the objects are there, you just don’t see them because they are outside the camera/viewport view frustrum.

If the objects are in the outliner you can be sure you got geometry, just press ctrl+a in the viewport to select all and scale them down. <s>, <0.001>, <enter> then you should see it.

You can also set 1 BU to equal 1 mm before importing or set the vrml export to export to meter.

many thanks


I have this same issue. I import a vrml 1.0 file using the importer in version 2.61 but no geometry is added to the scene, nothing shows in the outliner. I have python installed and other import/export works ok (for example ogre export) but for VRML I just get nothing, the script runs for a second then returns me to 3D view with no errors and no geometry from the import, I’m a bit lost as to where to look to see what’s going on?