import wavefront (.obj) file

will some kind soul explain the use of the import function to me?
I’m trying to import a Terragen generated terrain saved in wavefront .obj format. I use File>Import>Wavefront(.obj), highlite the file, then push the Import Wavefront OBJ button, or hit <enter> but I cannot see the expected new object in the 3D view?

Hi again,
found the answer in the console.
No installed Python. %|

Hi again,
installed Python.
cannot seem to import .dxf
CPU goes to 98% and stays there.
cannot seem to import .obj
console reads file length 1;
found 0 smoothing groups
can import Lightwave .lwo
took 567 seconds but the mesh is suitable.

DXF usually takes a long time to parse (about as long as it takes DMV to serve you).


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LOL!! 8D

just transferred wife & me & 2 veh from SC to WV
How about a General DMV Newbies Forum!! hehehe

Please help newbie,
What form to bring next trip?

Please help newbie,

also thinking of changing my citizenship to foreign national.
may speed some of the processing time?