Importals adventures update

hey blender artists check out my update on my previous game was already released:cool:

hope you guys will enjoy it I wasent able to upload a video or a walk through,trailer.

I only got some images when I was making the game.

on my blender 2.69 I have still a lot to learn in terms of modeling

but I can render a realistic game , I chose to just play around with blender 2.49b
in making quick games, but anyway I hope that you guys will enjoy this update
the original is still under the finished games section in the blender artists org fourm.


There seems to be a typo in the first image?

What do you mean a typo, this is just an update of the original game.

Its now going to be turned into an fps game and may follow a story.
-Human player.
-Auto Re-load.
-Beta main menu.
-interaction with vehicles
-and medium Graphics to enhance performance.

how far is it? It looks cool so far. You may want to bake AO on the ground.

Thanks , the project is doing well so far its just been quiet for the past few months
will upload a video sometime this year.
Thanks for the feed back.