Importance of Mesh Cleaning Tools

Hello all,
I am trying to understand how important it is to have automated mesh cleaning tools in the computer graphics, animation and gaming industires. Can mesh cleaning be considered a bottle neck to merit the creation of automated mesh cleaning and optimization scripts? What would be some features of interest in such library of tools? Opinions are appreciated.

Nowadays I believe some model the highpoly characters first then reduce it. Instead of building a clean mesh to start with. I guess you could warrant the use of such a script if you worked in this way, or were just a bad modeller to begin with.

for 3d scans I just import them into Zbrush, it will automatically get rid of doubles, and correct many common errors.

I’ve found most mesh “cleaning” tools, though a very very good idea, to be lacking. Usually I’ll get a mesh, say from makehuman (I’ve stopped doing this due to these issues I have), and I’ll run a script to clean up the mesh. It’ll start cleaning up, but hey…I need it cleaner, so I’ll clean it up again and wow…now the topology is damn near unrecognizable. So I’m usually left in between a mesh that is no where close to as clean as I want it and a mesh thatt needs to be fixed in order for you to follow a loop without getting a headache (lol).

Now when I’m in a rush, this isn’t an issue. Cleaning up that mesh that’s close to clean isn’t that hard. But what was the full sense of that script if it didn’t clean it up properly in the first place? This is one of the reason’s I’ll try my hardest never to work under a deadline I can’t meet. I like to work with a clean mesh from the start. It makes it soooo much easier/faster to tweak to my hearts content if the loops help me out from the start.

i have found the only way to cleen/ reduce the polycount of a mesh and ceep good edge loops is to do it manually

Blender already has mesh cleaning tools, and they cannot be a bottleneck; they are there to help! See Scripts/Catalog for Mesh tools.

Which mesh cleaning tools are you refering to? I have not found anything useful and preserving mesh feature lines, boundaries and etc…

hessiess - this is the very technique I use, or at least am disciplining myself to use. My method of modelling involves importing a free mesh from somewhere and then cleaning it up. I find a few hours on this exercise familiarises me with this mesh - then while still the groove I have take the item further - like texturing and painting it. Unfortanately there is no short-cuts yet . . . and yes, edge loops is something I found out about like two weeks ago.