Important 3D project

First I would like to apologize for putting this in the “Contest” part of the forum but I really couldn’t find a topic that fitted this post like a glove and in my logic, Contests came closer than the others as it IS about 3D animation, thus does not belong in off-topic, but it is also more about enrolling people’s interest than showing off a piece of art.

What it is is kind of a charity project. I doubt it’s one you’ve heard of before.

I’ll start at the beginning. I have dabbled in 3D myself and have an interest for it. My foremost passion though, is acting, a passion that doesn’t leave enough time for fully comitting to a 3D project. My interest in the matter though has been very useful as it has helped me understand the art itself, something more actors really do need to understand with CG becoming more and more common in films.

I trained acting at a Stanislavski based Academy (a very scientific and psychological technique) which was itself formed as a charity. The school as a buisness made no profit, it is only there to better the quality of acting in the world.
Teresa Grimsditch is a woman who did the course long before me, and she has pursued the coaching profession, coaching actors to reach the best performance they can.

Now we’re getting closer to the point.
She has decided to focus on the “CG problem”. This problem does not lie in the CG itself, but in the fact that most acting techniques are old and contain no elements useful for acting against CG. Blockbuster films today are full of otherwise great actors who unfortunetly act at B-actor level as soon as they act against a character that isn’t there, or a an enviroment that doesn’t really exist. In many cases, it has been left to the animators themselves to ADD acting to the actor’s faces which is bizzare. An actor should be able to act anything.
Stanislavski’s acting technque can be used to acheive great results in this topic, but it is a heavy techniqe and one that few people have the patience to fully learn to understand.

Teresa has taken it upon herself to form an Actor’s training workshop where she has isolated the parts of Stanislavski’s technique that are suitable for this kind of acting, and simplified them so that they can be taught in a day.
I have been a “test” subject in this training, and in my group were actors who had never even heard of Stanislavski, and I could easilly see the difference in their performance as the theory became clear to them. The trick is to fool the mind and to see the CG characters without consiously holding them there (training your sub consiousness to do that for you), In life you don’t have to focus on something in order to see it in front of you. In acting it should be the same even if the character isn’t really there.

So why am I saying this to you?
When I tested the workshop there were plenty of excellent exercises and lots of great information but the only practical exercise, where real footage was created, was one with a simple CG backdrop.
She has asked me, knowing I used to dabble in CG, to see if I could find some footage of a CG character that her students could practise with. A CG character talking or doing some simple interactions with a person that is to be filmed, not animated.

I think it would be much better if the footage was specifically designed for it rather than finding something that would “kind of work”.

So my question is:
Would anyone here be interested in joining a project like this and contribute to the progress of the communion between CG and live film?
This is still a charity project, I do not know how much she could pay, if she even could pay for it, but you would of course be credited as part of the project not to mention future projects. Once this workshop is fully developed I foresee a high degree of popularity from actors all around the world and the project that started as a charity may very well blossom and become profitable indeed.
Perhaps you could ask for royalties if you help her now?

I don’t really know how the buisness part of this will be handeled, I imagine it is up for negotiation.
I do want this project to flourish, as t is an important step forward in this art form.

If you have already made a 3D short film it may even be enough to isolate an already animated character and let the actor take the place of another character from your work?

Thank you for your time in reading my proposition.
Does this interest anyone at all?

This sounds interesting but you are correct that it is not the correct place really. I do not have the time to dedicate myself to something like this (and I believe I lack the skill as I’m only doing this as a hobby) but I think you can post this to the News&Discussion section of this forum. It would be great if you could give some weblinks for interested people to read up on the topic and gain some background.
Another path you can take is take a look at ElephantsDream and BigBuckBunny as they are open content you could use these as backdrops. ElephantsDream seems to be the more natural choice for life acting.
Take a look at if you do not know about it.