IMPORTANT - blenderplayer problems, it can happen with you!

Ok, first of all this is an informative threadh I just want to share what I have learned from my chatastropic release so far.

I was working first with the 2.56 version of blender, and I was great, way better than the 2.49b and mutch more stable than the first releases of this version, ok so a year of game creation later I just discovered that, the blenderplayer of all the 2.5x series CANT RUN YOUR GAME! Maybe some game may ran on it, but I can tell you that mine cant.

Ok so if you want to make a serious game, or allready started it, and dont want to fall on the same sittuation taht Im on right now, start to work on the 2.62 version of blender, or you may have a terrible time with BGE.

Ok if you want to test if your game work on your version of blenderplayer you simple can drag the .blend file of the game over the blenderplayer of the blender version that you are using, then you ll be abble if your game ll work.

I hope that this thread help some guys.

c-106 Delta helped me to understand the problem and showed me the way to see it, so Thank you man, now things are more clear.

Okay I’m happy I read this before downloaded BlenderPlayer… (I was gonna give my friend John a maze game…)

Ok as I said It can run if its smaller, but on my case I got lots of problems, but on 2.62 it running(filled with bugs that I need to fix).

As complement to what leonnn said; always try to use the most up to date official blender version, and if needed one of the update versions of

Now talking to you leonnn, I’m sure you just need time to fix the bugs and release this nice project of yours; even if you lose your sponsor, there will be another, but until then you will be prepared; never give up! What is good always find its way.

Yeah, I hope so, I told him about the problem and he understood it well, but still, at least I learned with this and maybe this ll help someone.

Sure thing about helping someone, look MouseDroid above. I think you took this big issue quite well, you behaved better than ‘that other guy with a big game’(you surely know who). Now enough with my ramblings, I shall go back to my game project.

I read the other thread and I was wondering, How do you publish a selling game? I always have my blender games free, but my frineds say I should sell them.