Important message

I am really REALLY bored.

What are you bored of in particularly?

“Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonder, they have managed to invent boredom? Quite astonishing”. Death, The Hogfather.

Boredom is such a wonderful thing.It makes you want to do something different.

The sun shines, regardless, of board, bored, to make boards, in the air we breathe.


I was just bored of coding for a moment, needed some planetside 2… laggy but fun.

Through the planet side the machine roves. Rover. They call it rover.


Sigh, I just took a break from coding too. Wotcha’ coding matey? :slight_smile:

How good are you at planetside blueprintrandom?Do you cheat using aimbot or is that allowed?I like videogames with aliens in them and lots of random things happening.I really love games with random things happening in them.It makes the game seem fresh every time you play it.So it may not be my type of game.

Just make a cool game and then your boredom will go away once the comments roll in :slight_smile:

Fixed that for truth.

Fix that…fix this…for truth for Captain WOrld…



I don’t particularly like to offend,
Ironic humor and jest is about as deep down the rabbit here as I go into the forum troll darkside, (one time I made a game about Mormainians vs Aminites, (it was not well recieved))

Make games about rabbits that is not well received. Make trees that is different colours. Is not possible offensive.


The Forum Troll Dark Side is strong. Join us, and people shall rage all over the interwebs.

I am starting to think Kbot is a alien chatbot escaped into the interwebZ

one time I made a game about Mormainians vs Aminites, (it was not well recieved))

LOL! that was nail on the head… LOL!

Hit the hammer on the head too…with a nail.