Important.... please help...

(SKPjason) #1

Just curious if anyone else in the community received an email from “Raider Productions” regarding submitting animated shorts to this company for inclusion on a DVD compilation… This company claims they got my name from (which I’ve never heard of - and my browser says “page not available”

Just curious if anyone knows this company, has received a similar email… or if someone in the community is giving/selling our email addresses…

Thanks for any info…

:smiley: Jason

(Timothy) #2

lmao,… you should take a look into my mailfolder :slight_smile:

(SKPjason) #3

Kibbie… haha

I’m just curious if someone among us is making some dough copying email addresses… the particular address the mail was sent to has only been listed on this site and the blender site…

(steve343) #4

actually that site used to exist i think. If i remember corectlly it had a blue and orange logo. But be weary still dont meen its not a dodgy email.

(blengine) #5

i got the same email! right away i thought SCAM…so i told the guy id get back to him after i copyright my stuff…lol…i havent heard from his since…

he said hes got my name from elysiun…
skpjason…did u give him yer address and number and all? i think its a big scam…

(mrmunkily) #6

yhea i got this too; wonder what it is and how this funny looking guy with a goatee got my addy…

([email protected]) #7

Hi all,

Can`t say that i received that same E-mail,

But, if I remember right (and i maybe wrong here)

did`nt gfxartists, sponsor a blender icon contest,

about a year and a half ago?


(basse) #8

I never answer to posts like these, because some of them are just robots poking around trying all email addresses if they are valid… and in the worst case, if you answer, they really GET your email address.

this particular kind of post I haven’t received (yet anyways) so I don’t know what it’s about… or perhaps I already deleted it. I get so much junk mail. just today I received a mail that promised me an easy and affortable way of enlarge my penis. I ordered of course! :slight_smile:


(SKPjason) #9

I ordered the penis enlargement thingie too (Kib - I swear this isn’t the “gift” I’m sending you… :wink:

I just wanted to see if anyone here knew anything about it… I wasn’t planning on answering it… screw this goatee bastard… why should he make money off other’s work…

As I said in earlier post - it bothered me because the address he sent it to was not my general email address… it was one only available on these boards…

(noble) #10

hadj actually pointed me over here from 3dbuzz, as I was posting the same question in the forums. I actually got a call from him today (the funky goatee dude), talked my ear off for about an hour. Also was dropping so many names his toes must be broken. Off the top of my head I know he mentioned Stahlberg and Chiang were somehow involved. I checked out his site (, which really doesn’t tell me anything about the project.
I have to say that I am also usually weary of these kinds of inquiries, and can usually sniff a con artist from a mile away, but after speaking with him I got the idea that this thing may be legit. He seemed to have a whole lot of details regarding production and artist residuals.
Anyway I’m pretty sure he got my email from a2z artists, he seems to be scouring these sites for names.
Just thought I’d let you know…

(steve343) #11

why dont u send him an animation with a big watermark right in the middle of the screan all the way through containing ur email and name, :stuck_out_tongue: and say u’ll send him the real thing when he can prove hes ligit