!!! Important Read this please !!!

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

This forum currently has BB code enabled,… this is great for including urls, quote’s, codeblocks, and images in your posts.

However the last few days I’ve seen some users adding images to their signatures. I would like to ask everyone who has a image in their signature to remove it. The reason I ask this is because of several reasons. The most important one being that it increases page size dramaticly, which I don’t think many dial up users will like.

Basicly this is the same reason why I don’t have stuff like avatars activated, though it may increase the ‘fun’ the forum gives, there are alot of users who simply don’t have fast enough connections for it.

Hope you all understand, please share your opinions below,

Timothy Kanters

(acasto) #2

I agree, it’s nice to see a pic on someones name, but if they post 6 times, that 6 pics on the same page. I’m thinking about setting up a place where people can host a personal pages.
See String Below

The username pic would be good on a profile or personal or something like that. Where someone can associate themselves with something, but not force it on the users, especially ones with slower connections.

(stephen2002) #3

I have a dial-up modem (connects at 49K) and I personally don’t mind very much as long as the images in the signature lines don’t get too BIG. The one about the Mech Wars movie is pushing it, takes up too much screen space.

Once it goes throught the initial download and saves the image onto disk, it loads very quickly. The only thing that is annoying is the amount of screen space the image takes up.

I browse CG talk often enough and they have images all over the place, it dosn’t seem very slow there.

(LohnS) #4

sorry bout that guys, the pic looks way smaller in photoshop, sig is as good as gone =D

(haunt_house) #5

I agree with acasto

And Neo, if you doubleclick on the Zoom-tool (the magnifing glass-button), you´ll get a one to one sight of your picture in PS

(LohnS) #6

nah don’t worry it was 100% size, it just looked small as it was thee only thing on the screen, but in a forum under a post it appears bigger due to it being surrounded my stuff.