IMPORTANT: Selectable GPUs for rendering!

Hey everyone, PLEASE, make it possible to select ONLY certain GPUs for rendering.
So instead of a dropdown (3x980Ti or each card) there would be checkboxes to select the cards 1,2,3 each separately.

Right now you either can select ONE of them or ALL of them.

I would want to select for ex. GPU 2 and 3 only, cause GPU 1 is for GUI/OpenGL only. Or if i have 4 GPUs select 2 of them, cause the other ones are denoising video for ex.

With the actual all or only one card, you NEED to dedicated the WHOLE machine to Blender GPU.

Very good idea! +1



Any info on that ?

Does one only need to change the code of the preferences pane (cause its already passed like go: GPU x), or is there more to change, like parsing special info to cycles ?

With other words, was the dropdown menu chosen arbitrary, cause nobody needed, or is there a deeper reason in cycles for “one or all” ?

PS extra whish: And of course i would like too see also how much memory is used in each gpu. Like in octane, you see textures, geometry, etc… for each gpu. The stats are easy to get from the parsed data.