Imported 2.79b into 2.8 missing Eevee render icon/option

Having imported my old model, created in 2.79b I cant see an icon for Eevee shading,
only wire, shaded and Lookdev visible ??


It is how LANPR UI looks like. It is not ready to work with EEVEE, yet.
Are you sure you had launched a 2.8 build and not a special LANPR one ?

When active engine is workbench, UI is also limited to 3 display modes (Wire, Shaded and Rendered).
If problem is not relative to LANPR, maybe, your blend file is calling an external renderer UI in 2.8 or was saved using an external renderer UI in 2.79b and that could be a bug related to that.

Thankx. I switched to Cycles and back to Eevee and it appeared.
But no mapped textures in my model.

Do you mean that you have Rendered display, now ?
No texture mapping could have a completely different reason.

Yes, got it rendered.
Textures missing but I have another, textured copy, never mind.