imported and unparented objects not moving independently when close to each other

So I’ve really really enjoyed using Blender Game Engine so far ( I was even surprised to know you guys take donations in Bitcoin ) and everything was going fine until I started adding more of my collada files into Blender and it kept on ijfaodijfioads up on me. The only way I can describe it is this problem occurs when you move two objects close together and their axis’ connect somehow, this somehow parents the two objects together but not in the way you’d expect, they move nearly independent of each other but their a slight delay.

This is definitely not a parenting issue, because I’ve already modelled a basic tank and gotten everything working with parenting and it was fine before, but now I’m adding more objects when you move them they move together almost like they’re being stretched across the 3D space somehow rather than just moving normally when you have a default scene with a standard cube.

I’d really appreciate the help as the engine is absolutely fine, just this stupid issue which I suspect will be an easy fix as I haven’t been able to really find it on google.

Have you Proportional Editing enabled ?

Watch out of the O key when you use P :slight_smile:

Yes guys! Thanks, this was absolutely the issue, the annoying thing is I discovered this after I posted my question, it was just frustrating the hell out of me :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: it was one of those classic things where the software was activating something somewhere somehow or I was and I didn’t know where the hell it was.

Everythings working great now and I’m working away on my game again.