Imported High Res texture but wrong resolution visualization in UV Editing

I have this weird problem. I made a large image texture 18000x12000 pixel subdivided in 3x2 squares of 6000x6000 pixels each. I want to map each face on a cube, so I have to move the faces in UV Map editor, pretty simple.

However in UV Map editor I see a lower resolution of my image. The pixels are not squared anymore and I see a vertical smudge in the vertical transition of my square faces but I need the thing I see in Photoshop.

In the red box is how I see same thing in Photoshop.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Edit: For anyone who want to test it here a sample file. Just zoon in in UV Editor and confront it with the real texture in Photoshop

I know exactly what your problem is. Blender has a small issue I sent them a bug report and they said it was a change in the system of managing images that wasn’t supposed to work this way.

At the beginning they thought it was nothing to solve, but then a manager from Blender foundation said it was not supposed to happen and the issue went to line to be fixed. I am surprised you did not see this on your renders.

The problem is that in your preferences, under “viewport” you have activated the texture limit size.

This setting should only affect the viewport and not the windows where you work with images and textures. Until the last test release of Blender 2.93 this “bug” was not fixed.

This problem appears in image windows and you can see it on the render view, but in Cycles, if you save the image it comes perfectly normal, but not in EEVEE, it stays pixelated.

PS: i did not look at your file yet. I am downloading it.

Now I have looked at my bug report and it was marked as “high priority” so I hope they fix it as soon as possible. I need to turn on the limit size there.
The bug report:

Checked your file and, as I said, the problem is really that, cause I cannot see the problem you say unless I turn the texture limit size ON.

Thank you for your reply! On my Preferences the Texture Limit is OFF like your screenshot.
Hope this bug is solved in future releases.

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

I am not sure what the problem is… I’ve opened the texture on the same scale in Blender and Gimp and they look exactly the same.

From Blender:

From Gimp:

I have no idea what PS is doing to show you the image, some kind of interpolation for the screen, but what you see in Blender is correct.

@Calandro I dont see what you see in Blender. But I see the texture good in Photoshop or other graphic softwares.
My UV Map Editor zoom is like my first post, whith that vertical blur between areas, so I cant align the UV edges properly.

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Ok, I understood now. What version of blender are you using?

My Blender version is 2.91.2.

However seems I found a workaround. I made a single square texture of 8192x8192 pixel ad I made a pixel size grid. I duplicate the same image six times, so the Blender was not using the same image, and mapped each single face of the cube.
No distortions, no blur, in UV Map Editor or in render. And the whole thing is even bigger in resolution of my previous attempt. Weird but it works.

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What is weird is that the same version of blender sows different things on our computers.