Imported Illustrator file has too many vertices

This is my first post, and the first time posting on a messageboard, period so if I dork up some sort of rules or whatever, just let me know and forgive me. Also, if this has been covered somewhere else I apologize.
Here’s my issue. I made a complex vector shape in illustrator and imported to blender as a bezier curve. I then converted the bezier curve into a mesh. The problem is there are tons and tons of vertices. So many that they are almost stacked one on top of the other. I decimated as much as I could, but it only worked on part of it since it was such a complex shape. The other part I merged the vertices together to reduce them. So I’ve fixed it but I was wondering(for future reference)if there is a quicker work around for getting less vertices when importing an illustrator vector shape. Thanks for your help in advance.

See if this helps:

I’m not sure what format the Illustrator shape is imported as but Bezier is the least ‘friendly’ when it comes to converting to Mesh. If it’s possible to not ‘convert’ it to bezier (leave it Poly or NURBS, as in the Convert section of the CurveTools tab in F9 in Edit mode) then the Bezier Handles won’t be converted to (extra) knots. To lower the amount of points between knots you can lower the DefResolU value in the Curve and Surface tab, but be careful of going too low. On NURBS you can also use the Order and Resol U and V values in the CurveTools tab, but, again, be careful and test some duplicates first because changing those values can destroy the whole shape of the curve.