imported mesh rigging

hello guys, i made a tool/mesh in zbrush low poly than i exported it in blender to start rigging, after i added some bones i noticed that the mesh is not,how can i say…attacked i mean it’s divided into section, is more clear in the images, anyway, i tried to join all the section and start with some pose but it didn’t work all the mesh still divided in section, is not solid. what can i do to fix the mesh?? should i make the mesh directly on blender? it easier and faster for me on zbrush :frowning:


Select all vertices and W / remove doubles. In the toolshelf or F6 you can change the merge distance
Select two vertices and merge them (Alt+M)
Turn on vertex snapping (magnet icon on 3d view header). Enable the automerge icon and drag a vertex onto another to merge them

thank you!!:yes: problem solved