Imported model adds extra triangles

Hi all
I have made a very basic model in Wings3D, exported it and then imported to Blender - problem is that when it is imported, Blender seems to add extra info - adds triangles to the model.
Is this per design or is it to do with the export/import process?
Bit of a newbie to £D and just starting out so any info much appreciated :slight_smile:

In Wings
After import (as 3ds this time)

Just tried selecting all and using ALT J - that cleans some of them up - but not all - and it also does some weird things to the model :frowning:

I have had very good success exporting as obj from wings and then importing into blender. Ngons will be broken into triangles but quads will be left alone.


Greybeard…your a genius :slight_smile:
Using .obj works fine! Wish I had just went through them all not :confused:
Thanks again!!

Again and again it seems that of all the import/export scripts, the obj script does the best job.