Imported model from Sketchfab importer, having problems with specific elements

So I imported a car model from Sketchfab, the problem is that, like all Sketchfab imports that are brought in with the Blender plugin, if you ever remove an item from its collection that it started in, it goes all haywire, transforms change and it usually goes to a different location. I wanted to separate the steering wheel pieces into their own collection to animate them separately from the car but any time I place the steering wheel elements in their own collection, they resize and go back to the origin. Using a collection instance of the car for animating purposes because it can’t be easily animated, but there’s one piece I need independent. Project Link Here

Select all the pieces, press Ctrl+A, choose “All Transforms”, then press F3 and type in “origin to center of mesh” and choose the Volume option (you can also do that from the object menu)